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Midnight's desire

Once upon a midnight’s dark, cold dream
I shivered in fright.
I shivered in cold, in a bed of metal, cold and snowy white.
Red, crimson, dries in brown, among the dreams
of a girl lying in the bed of white.
Oh lonely night!
Oh what a fright!
So discovers the girl.
Colors spin and twirl under the eyelids.
Open they reveal unchanging white.
Close and colors appear.
Melancholy blue, sadness roams
Brightest red, desires calls
Seductive maroon and she calls again
and begs a boon or two or three.
A simple killing, she says, is all I require of thee.
Open and white, unending cold on a dark night.
Silly child, chides the white you know nothing of desire,
stick with the hatred from which you were formed.

So I went and I knew just what to do.
Away from the cold in my bed of white
I found desire on a dark cold night.
With my pain and desire too I flew and found you.
I found you my dearest Hatred on a dreary night.
I found you Hatred in my cold, hard bed of snowy white.
With this weapon in my hand I created havoc throughout the nights and
in the morning when warmth reigned again I retired my lonely weapon of my night.

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